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GetImpaqt.GPT' Mission

Generative AI platforms represent a major breakthrough to create content at tremendous speed and scale.


For companies to successfully unlock limitless creativity and efficiency, you need to

  • Include and safeguard your unique voice and style.

  • Frictionless drive value with Generative AI through the fabric of your company.

GetImpaqt.GPT unites content velocity with brand personalization and control, so every company can achieve their creative potential.

GetImpaqt.GPT' mission is dedicated to democratize access to Generative AI technology, whilst catalyzing innovation, enhancing productivity, and foster a new era of Generative AI-driven growth for companies around the globe.


Generative AI is a new technology. Lets mitigate risks

We approach AI ethically and responsibly

Generative AI is a major technological shift in how we create.


To harness this breakthrough in a safe way, we are committed to evolving AI responsibly.

We push boundaries on what's (im)possible

We explore uncharted territory at the intersection of art and science.


We strive to revolutionize content, amplifying human creativity with cutting-edge Generative AI. Driving value

We  enable everyone with creative confidence

We believe technology is a creative partner that makes the expression of ideas exponentially easier.


Everyone has the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

We embracegrowth mindset to learn

We approach each situation with a curious perspective.


We strive to be humble, hungry and actively listen to our customers for opportunities to learn and innovate.

We put
authenticity at our core

Expression is personal. That's why we stay true to ourselves in everything we do...


...from what we build to how we build it to the way we engage with others.

GetImpaqt.GPT seasoned leadership team has a proven track record, developing revolutionary, long-lasting AI, SaaS, and media technologies.

GetImpaqt.GPT is the front-runner in business value driving Generative AI

Experienced Leadership

Backed by top-tier investors

Enabling and guaranteeing business continuity 

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